Taiyida Press Machine Products


Taiyida precision steel punching machine is widely used in automobile, communication, computer, circuit boards, connectors, precision electronics, refrigeration and air conditioning, motor rotor, household appliances, medical equipment, motorcycle, bicycle, furniture, hardware parts stamping and forming.

Features of the model:

1, the safety of the punching machine

Continuously improve the active safety of the punch, which is Taiyida long held beliefs, will provide users with the most safe and reliable use of the experience, the idea of a full experience in the APA series.

2, clutch and brake

All series presses are equipped with the advanced dry brake clutch of Italy OMPI, plus the precise and keen dual electromagnetic valve of Japanese TACO, which can shorten the braking time to the maximum extent. Besides, the brake assist system's two degree drop device will provide the brake signal again when the brake brake is not detected, so as to provide the brake signal again, so as to provide enough power to ensure timely and accurate braking.

3. Protection of the operator

All series of press in the design stage, the biggest goal of protecting the safety of the users is the highest degree of taiyida. Therefore, there is enough room between the two operation buttons and the body to protect the safety of the hands. At the same time, in the system design, the two hands must be operated at the same time to start, so as to avoid the personal injury caused by misoperation. The installation of a photoelectric protective device or a protective net further improves the protection of the user.

4. The protection of the mould

All series presses are standard configuration of the imported KINGAIR load device to protect the punch due to overload damage caused by deformation, stamping, die at the same time, it is also equipped with a fault detection device can be matched with automatic punching die device, in order to better protect the mold.

5, firmness and durability

Taiyida as punch developed high strength steel fuselage of a new generation of the motherboard through optimization of reinforcement design, from the main board and the side plate, the worktable has the support plate reinforcement, can effectively absorb vibration energy to eliminate the impact of vibration from all directions, to protect the safety of punch.

6. High quality materials

All series of press materials are similar products in the highest levels of the materials, such as the motherboard is the Shanghai Baosteel Q235B steel crankshaft is 42CrMo, hardware components basically all imported high-quality products, such as bearings are all made of Japanese NSK bearing imports, imported electrical products, seals and pneumatic components etc..

7, more precise and more stable

All parts, such as fuselage, crankshaft, gear, slider and so on, have been processed by various processes, eliminating the stress of key components, so as to ensure the stability of product accuracy.

8, precision of the punching machine

Gear, crankshaft and other parts are all processed by heat treatment and precision lapping. The main parts of products are imported by high-end CNC machining equipment, production and guarantee accuracy, so that the whole machine can reach the first level accuracy standard of JIS in Japan.